Application Migration Services

Comprehensive Application Migration Services that enable businesses to scale their operations seamlessly

Application Migration Services

DifferenTech offers comprehensive Application Migration Services that enable businesses to scale their operations seamlessly. Our team of experts helps you migrate your applications to the cloud or any other modern technology platform with minimal disruptions to your business operations.

We follow a systematic and secure migration approach, ensuring that your applications are moved with minimal downtime, data loss, and service disruptions. Our migration experts use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure that your applications are migrated seamlessly and function optimally on the new platform. With our Application Migration Services, you can leverage the benefits of modern technology platforms, enhance your business agility, and improve operational efficiencies while ensuring that your data and systems remain secure.

Benefits Of Application Migration To Java

Application migration to Java is a popular approach for companies seeking to improve their software development and delivery processes. Migrating to Java offers a variety of benefits that can help businesses achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the top benefits of application migration to Java that DifferenTech can take advantage of:

One of the main benefits of Java is that it is a platform-independent language. This means that Java applications can run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, without any changes to the code. This makes Java a versatile language that can help companies reach a wider audience and avoid vendor lock-in.

 Java has a wide range of libraries and frameworks that can speed up the development process. For example, Spring Boot is a popular Java framework that provides a simple and fast way to create web applications. Additionally, Java’s garbage collection feature helps developers focus on writing code instead of managing memory, which can further speed up the development process.

Java provides powerful tools for integrating with other enterprise applications. For example, Java Message Service (JMS) is a messaging standard that allows applications to communicate with each other asynchronously. This can help businesses streamline their workflows and reduce manual processes.

Java applications can be packaged as standalone executable files, which can simplify deployment and reduce the chances of configuration errors. Additionally, Java’s automatic memory management can help reduce downtime and improve the reliability of deployed applications.

Java has a large and active open-source community that provides a wealth of libraries, frameworks, and tools. These open-source tools can help developers save time and reduce development costs. For example, Hibernate is an open-source Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that can simplify database access and management.

Java provides a range of security features, including a built-in security manager that controls access to system resources. Additionally, Java’s classloader architecture can help protect against malicious code by isolating code from untrusted sources.

Why DifferenTech Solutions

  • Greenfield development on cutting edge stack using Microservices, Restful API and SPA frontend. 
  • SQL and NoSQL Database to support your business needs. 
  • AWS API Gateway, WAF and other Serverless tech stack to enable secure and scalable setup 
  • Migrating legacy Java applications to a more modern, secure and scalable Application 
  • Complete Cloud Migration and hosting using Azure, AWS, and Heroku 
  • Cloud ETL service to scale out serverless data integration and data transformation using AWS Glue 
  • Building dashboards and reports or data visualizations using AWS Quicksight 
  • Managed Services, Staff Augmentation & Consulting Services.

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